Liquid nitrogen LIN

General information


Molecular weight 28,0
Colour bezbarwny
Odour bezzapachowy
Boiling temperature -195,8oC
Triple point temperature -209,9oC
Critical temperature -147oC
Density of liquid (at atm. pressure 0,101 Mpa) 810 kg/m



Liquid nitrogen is mostly produced at cryogenic air separation plants where is one of the final products together with liquid oxygen and argon. In the few cases, such as our Odolanow plant, liquid nitrogen is produced out of low-methane natural gas as a result of the low temperature nitrogen rejection process.

Uses of liquid nitrogen come from it's low temperature which ensures good cooling properties. For non-cryogenic applications the liquid form allows to make storage and transportation of nitrogen more economical.

Traditionally liquid nitrogen is used in the food industry for quick freezing of products but also for making oxygen-free atmosphere by perishable goods storing. Besides, as an inert medium, it is used in the electronic industry and also for danger neutralization at explosive conditions work. Liquid nitrogen is utilized within medicine as well, for rheumatological or dermatological cryotherapies.